Tractor Trailer AZ M.E.L.T.

Course Overview

This 4-week course is mandatory training for Class A driver’s license applicants and must be completed before taking your road test. Once you have completed this training, your driving record will be updated. If you meet all the other Class A requirements, you can take a Class A road test at a DriveTest Centre.

Length of Training


  • 36.5 hrs. Online Theory
  • 50 hrs. Hands-on In-Cab Practical
  • 17 hrs. In-yard, around vehicle

Admission Requirements

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Canadian Citizen/Permanent Resident
  • OSSD Grade 12 or GED*
    • *Admission Test can be completed at office if Grade 12 or GED is not completed
  • Valid Class G License
  • Driver’s Abstract
  • Criminal Background Check (there is a cost associated)
  • MTO Medical Must be completed to take to Drive Test Centre to write 2 tests listed below:
    • Knowledge Verification of Rules of the Road and Signs This test & the Air Brake test allows you to drive the tractor/trailer with a licensed instructor
    • Written Air Brake Test Completed and approved

Fees & Tuition

Books: $250

Tuition: $8,000

  • Employment in the commercial vehicle industry
  • Vehicle Components and Systems
  • Basic Driving Techniques
  • Professional Driving Habits
  • Tractor-Trailer Off-Road Tasks and Manoeuvres
  • Documents, Paperwork & regulatory Requirements
  • Vehicle Inspection Activities
  • Hours of Service Compliance
  • Cargo Securement & Loss Prevention
  • Handling Emergencies

NOS Competency Blocks Addressed in this Program

What is MELT?

MELT stands for Mandatory Entry-Level Training, and it refers to a program implemented in Ontario, Canada, for individuals seeking a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in the Class A category. The MELT program was introduced to improve road safety and ensure that new commercial drivers receive standardized and comprehensive training before they operate large commercial vehicles.

Under the MELT program in Ontario, aspiring Class A commercial drivers are required to complete a mandatory training course from a recognized and approved training provider. The program sets specific training requirements, including a minimum number of hours for both classroom instruction and practical training behind the wheel.

The MELT program covers essential topics such as vehicle inspection, driving techniques, defensive driving, handling cargo, and managing fatigue. It aims to equip new drivers with the necessary knowledge and skills to operate commercial vehicles safely and responsibly on Ontario’s roads.

By implementing MELT, the Ontario government aims to ensure that all commercial drivers meet consistent training standards, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting safer roads for everyone.

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