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We go beyond training, providing our graduates with valuable resume support and career assistance. Unlock a world of opportunities and build a successful career with heavy equipment training and truck driving training. Our industry connections and dedicated support ensure you’re equipped to steer your way towards a fulfilling and prosperous professional journey.

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Resume Assistance

We assist our graduated students in finding employment, connecting them with job openings in the heavy equipment and trucking industries.

Update Credentials

Upon completion, you will receive a wallet card certificate and will gain the practical skills and experience you need to confidently enter the industry.

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With access to a wide network of job listings we are dedicated to helping you find a meaningful & fulfilling career opportunity after graduation.

A few jobs we know of…

Solo Cable is currently recruiting a Heavy Machine Operator in Southwestern Ontario for a permanent, full-time position

Clintar is seeking a responsible professional to assist with plowing snow during the winter season

Heavy Equipment Operators

39 Seven is seeking experienced heavy equipment operators to join their team

Heavy Equipment Operators & General Labourers 

Neeb Excavating is looking to hire heavy equipment operators and general labourers.

AZ & DZ Driver Positions

Tank Traders offer a competitive salary and benefits package, combined with a culture of self-improvement and opportunity through expansion.

Experienced Drivers Needed

Hogg/Transit Petroleum is looking for new or experienced AZ-DZ drivers (ages 25+). Vehicle specific training is provided!

Heavy Equipment Operators Positions Available

Fischer Excavating is looking to hire 2 heavy equipment operators for their Bloomingdale location that have graduated, or are about to graduate! Email your resume to

Why Become a Heavy Equipment Operator?

A certified heavy equipment operator can apply for various careers or jobs in industries that require heavy machinery operation. Some potential options include:

Construction: Heavy equipment operators are in demand on construction sites for tasks such as excavating, grading, trenching, and material handling.
Mining and Quarrying: Operators are needed to operate equipment like bulldozers, loaders, and excavators for excavation and transportation of minerals and materials.
Road Construction and Maintenance: Heavy equipment operators work on road construction projects, operating machinery like asphalt pavers, graders, and compactors.
Landscaping and Land Management: Operators are involved in land clearing, grading, and earthmoving for landscaping projects and land development.
Utilities and Infrastructure: Heavy equipment operators may be employed by utility companies to install and maintain infrastructure, such as water and sewage systems.
Logging and Forestry: Operators operate equipment like skidders, feller bunchers, and harvesters in logging and forestry operations.
Waste Management: Operators can work in waste management facilities, operating machinery such as compactors, bulldozers, and front loaders.
Port and Freight Handling: Heavy equipment operators are needed to handle cargo and operate machinery like cranes, forklifts, and container handlers at ports and freight terminals.
Demolition: Operators play a vital role in demolishing structures using heavy machinery like excavators and wrecking balls.
Public Works: Heavy equipment operators may be employed by government agencies for infrastructure projects, road maintenance, or snow removal.

Why Become a Tractor-Trailer AZ Driver?

A licensed transport truck AZ driver can apply for various careers or jobs in the transportation and logistics industry. Here are some potential options:

Local/Regional Trucking: Drivers can choose to work locally or within a specific region, transporting goods between nearby cities or towns.
Long-Haul Trucking: AZ drivers can work for trucking companies that specialize in long-distance transportation of goods across different regions or even countries.
Freight and Logistics Companies: Many companies have their own fleets of trucks and require AZ drivers to transport their products or materials to distribution centers or customer locations.
Retail and E-commerce: Large retail chains and e-commerce companies often employ AZ drivers to transport goods from warehouses to stores or directly to customers.
Food and Beverage Distribution: AZ drivers may work for companies involved in food and beverage distribution, delivering products to grocery stores, restaurants, or other food service establishments.
Bulk Transportation: Drivers can specialize in hauling bulk materials such as petroleum products, chemicals, grain, or construction materials like sand and gravel.
Tanker Trucking: Some AZ drivers may choose to transport liquid or gas substances using specialized tanker trucks. This can include hauling fuel, chemicals, or food-grade liquids.
LTL (Less than Truckload) Freight: AZ drivers may work for companies that handle smaller shipments from multiple customers, consolidating them onto a single truck for efficient delivery.
Dedicated Routes: Some companies offer dedicated routes for their drivers, which involve transporting goods for specific clients or industries on a regular basis.
Owner-Operator: AZ drivers have the option of becoming owner-operators, owning and operating their own trucks while working with various clients or contracting with specific companies.

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